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Our Unique Model

The Divided Sky Residential Recovery Program staff provides compassionate, non-judgmental emotional support to those who are ready to embrace recovery. Through supportive group programming, workshops, and educational guidance, our guests learn how to avoid relapse and embrace sustainable, long-term sobriety. Our team consists of individuals with lived experience who understand the needs and struggles of people in early recovery. 

Those seeking genuine support and community on their recovery journey will find connection and compassion at Divided Sky. We believe that addiction is a disease and that the best approach to finding recovery involves respect and understanding. Addiction can be isolating, but community can help you move forward with courage.

Our Unique Program Model at Divided Sky

Our program uses the twelve guiding principles found within The Promises, which Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Bill Wilson originally wrote. Several central themes run through The Promises, including the fact that for those who stay sober, there is a beautiful life beyond addiction waiting for them. We believe that if people can conceptualize this promise of a better life, they will be much more likely to achieve long-term recovery. 

Guests connect with each other through daily group sessions, outdoor recreation, and educational programming. Your peers have been where you are and understand what it’s like to go through the daily struggles of addiction and recovery. Through our unique model, we give everyone in our care ample opportunities to form lasting bonds with their peers, which helps nurture an environment where genuine friendships can grow and flourish. 

Those on the journey to recovery will benefit from the fact that we work closely with other organizations and clinics to provide meaningful, customized aftercare options. 

Strength in Community

No two guests at Divided Sky are alike, and we celebrate that fact. Each one of our guests brings with them a unique perspective and outlook. Together, unique individuals create the fabric of community. We believe that when people come together to navigate everyday struggles, there is strength found to make significant change. 

In addition to peer support groups, our offerings include: 

  • 12-step program 
  • AA principles 
  • Meditation
  • Spirituality
  • Holistic education 
  • Recreational therapy
  • Recovery writing workshops

We provide a peaceful, supportive space where those committed to a life of recovery can form connections and give back to others in need.

Find Hope at Divided Sky

Our program provides hope for those who are ready to overcome addiction and embrace recovery. If you would like more information about our program or our approach to addiction treatment, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 888.509.1176 or complete our online contact form.